B.B v. C.B. – Father wins custody of 6-year-old and 4-year-old; mother ordered to pay child support.

Jacobsen v. State – On September 19, 2012, Clemens won a Postconviction [PCR] Appeal on behalf of Gerry Jacobsen, who had been wrongfully convicted of Second Degree Sexual Abuse and who had served 7 ½ years in state prison. See Jacobsen v. State of Iowa, No. 2-537/11-1010; 822 N.W.2d 744 (2012); 2012 WL 4097223. Clemens did not handle the original criminal trials, but had been fighting for Gerry’s freedom for 7 years on appeal and in PCR Trial Court in Black Hawk County. Waterloo in the 1st Judicial District. Incidentally, on June 17, 2013, after six years of work, The State of Iowa and the Court agreed to throw out two charges for another inmate, who wishes to remain anonymous; reducing his time in prison by over 25 years.

State v. Jacobsen – On August 20, 2013, Gerry Jacobsen’s Second Degree Sexual Abuse case went to trial for the 3rd time. Clemens and his law partner, Frank Nidey represented Gerry in a week-long trial in Waterloo, Iowa. Had Gerry been convicted he would have faced another 10 years in prison. He could have pled to a charge resulting in no additional time, but Gerry courageously put the matter once again in the hands of his attorneys and the jury in the 1st Judicial District of Iowa. Gerry was acquitted of all charges on August 26, 2013. SEE Acquittal in La Porte City abuse trial 

U.S. v. Reschly – A federal district court threw out evidence seized by law enforcement in violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights.

U.S. v. Jacobs – Following convictions on two of five counts related to Defendant’s possession of one pound of cocaine, an assault rifle, and an illegal shotgun, Defendant’s post-trial motion for acquittal and his appeal to the 8th Circuit resulted in his release from custody.