State v. Wilkerson – A Defendant charged with vehicular homicide was able to plead to an aggravated misdemeanor and receive a deferred judgment following a suppression hearing. The Johnson County District Court threw out a blood test and found that the Iowa State Patrol had violated implied consent procedures under Iowa’s operating while intoxicated statutes.

State v. Watson – After having been convicted of first degree murder by a Jones County jury, defendant’s conviction was overturned and he was granted a new trial upon appeal. On the eve of the second trial, defendant’s defense team was able to reach an agreement with the prosecution permitting the defendant to plead to two consecutive 10-year sentences and one concurrent sentence. This agreement resulted in the Defendant being immediately eligible for parole.

State v. Stout – Following a hearing, the District Court in Washington County threw out evidence gathered in the defendant’s home and on his property pursuant to an unconstitutional search by law enforcement.

State v. Seering – The Washington County District Court granted the Defendant’s request to dismiss the State’s prosecution in a case of first impression. The Iowa Supreme Court did reverse the District Court after more than a year with two justices dissenting.

State v. Seager – Alleged murder weapon suppressed in double homicide; first degree murder charges were dismissed.