State v. J.A.N. – The State’s request to prosecute a juvenile as an adult was denied, a murder confession was suppressed, and the first degree murder charge was dismissed.

State v. Estephan – The defendant was acquitted by a Johnson County jury of assault and willful injury charges and of three lesser included assault charges.

State v. Donald – A 1996 rape conviction was appealed while defendant was serving a mandatory 17½ year prison sentence. The conviction was overturned on appeal and remanded for retrial in 2004. Defendant was released from prison in December of 2004 after serving nine years.

State v. Carnicle – A Scott County Clerk of Court employee was acquitted by a Linn County jury of first degree theft charges.

State v. David Allen Allison – The defendant was arrested following an encounter with law enforcement during which officers initiated an exterior search of the defendant’s vehicle by a drug dog. Officers located nearly 12 pounds of marijuana and other drugs in the defendant’s vehicle. Following a hearing the district court found that 1) the defendant was unlawfully arrested during the search and 2) even assuming the detention was lawful the drug dog’s “alert” did not generate probable cause to search the vehicle. Based upon these findings the evidence was suppressed and the charges against the defendant were dismissed.